God In Control

5/14/2021 - 8/16/2021

When things seem out of control. When we don't have the world in our hands. GOD is in control. We're looking at what scripture says about God's plan and how we can rest in it. 

In This Series

  1. God is In Control: You and Creation
  2. A Case Study In God's Plan
  3. Ebenezer: Remembering Providence
  4. The Theater of Wonder
  5. Who Am I? God's Sign to Solve an Identity Crisis
  6. Searching For An Earthly Father For a Divine Son
  7. God's Control in Your Life
  8. Providence in Nations: The King of Kings
  9. Take Heart
  10. God in Control: The Lord Giveth
  11. The Lord Takes Away: Jesus is Lord Even in Tragedy
  12. We Are Immortal 'Til Our Work is Done
  13. You Are Blessed
  14. Joseph's Tears