reDiscover CHURCH

9/13/2022 -

We're studying Jesus' church. Most people have forgotten about the grandness, beauty and power of what we are as we gather, or for a variety of reasons they’ve written the church off as broken, useless or outdated. But Jesus says that He is building his church and evil cannot overcome. God’s people together is Jesus’s plan A for making this world a better place, and it’s hard to find a plan B in scripture. For all of the reasons that people in our culture may have moved on from church – our culture's new habits seem to just be making people more isolated, polarized and discouraged. – So we’re looking at what God has called his people to be and do together in a fresh way. 

In This Series

  1. Church= God's People
  2. One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism
  3. What To Do About Church Scandals?
  4. How To Be a Real Christian?
  5. How Your Private Faith Gives You Connections.
  6. The Problem of Loneliness (And God's Plan For Fixing It)
  7. How to Confront Someone You Love (about something hard)
  8. What Does the Church Believe?